Welcome all cat and animal lovers to Nurri Cat Cafe!

Nurri Cat Cafe is a great place for fun with ten adorable kitties. We offer visitors healthy and tasty foods, drinks and a pleasant environment.

The most important reason to visit our cafe is to have a chance of spending time with our 10 lovely cats, who will do their best to melt your heart, take away loneliness, fatigue and bad mood. You can play with them, take pictures and draw them.

Additional fee
In order to take care of our cafe cats, we will add an additional fee to your order to support the kitties. 5€ for adult and 2,5€ for pensioner/student.
Kids (up to 19y) are free!

Cat Cafe Rules

For our cats' well-being in the cafe, Nurri has the following rules:

1. When you enter and exit the cafe, please keep an eye on the cats not getting outside.
If the door is locked please wait. Our employee will let you in.
2. Don't take your pets to the cafe with you.
3. Cats are not allowed to be pulled from the tail, ears, fur etc.
4. Don't disturb or wake a sleeping kitty.
5. Cats are not allowed to be hung on to or carried around against their will.
The kitty will come to you when it wants to.
6. It is allowed to take pictures. But near the kitty, without flash.
7. Don't let the cat eat from your plate nor drink from your cup. You can order it cat food!
8. Please take into account that cats don't like loud and sudden sounds.
9. The Animal Protection Act applies in the cafe. Take care of the kitties!
10. When adopting a pet, weigh the decision thoroughly and treat them with full responsibility.
11. Parents are responsible for their kids in the cafe.
12. Our employee has the right to request the outflow of visitors who do not comply with the rules.
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